If Brussels does something well, it’s brunch. Acceptably eating five or more different dishes as the first meal of the day occasionally with a glass of bubbles (euphemism for Definitely Not Champagne) can only be a good thing and Brussels has accomplished this breakfast for lazy people with aplomb.

One of my favourite places to have it is Cafe de la Presse, on Avenue Louise (near the Bois de la Cambre end it, you’ll pass it on the tram).


Freshly squeezed orange juice included.


Panko bread-crumbed chicken, pain d’epice in the bg




Hot smoked salmon with spinach and tzatziki-style dip.


Quinoa salad and a lurrrvely blueberry yoghurt with lemon curd in the background.



Prawny, salsa-y thang (official term) with quinoa salad.


Prawn, guacamole, fruit.

Also included in the brunch is unlimited bread, pain au chocolat. NOM.

Unfortunately however, the ordering system is pretty confusing, involves tokens of different value and hurts my head when I’m hungover (which is fairly often if I’m on t’brunch). You can get a token for five or eight pieces which you queue to buy at the till and then take to the buffet located conveniently right in the entrance which is often obstructed by the queues. To be fair, this doesn’t sound that horrific but can get pretty chaotic on a busy Sunday.

Can’t remember exaaactly how much each of the tokens are but me and the manfriend got one five-piece token, one eight-piece token and two cups of coffee (not included in the brunch. sob) and it came to about 35 euros for the two of us which is actually pretty decent for a Brussels brunch where you can often end up spending up to 25 euros each.

Definitely recommend a reservation.

493 avenue Louise, 1050 Brussels, Belgium

02 644 48 03

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