Mum’s ‘Double The Chocolate’ Oat Cookies

amour fou 076
Almost every time I visit home, the mothership will make these for me (and I suppose for the rest of the family too).  
The oats give a lovely nutty crunch without having to use up any expensive nuts (have you SEEN the price of nuts these days?! Pine nuts are rare GOLD in our kitchen).
You can chop your chocolate pieces smaller than I did for better distribution but I love biting down into an unexpected chunky nugget of chocolate.
My mum started making these cookies years ago and very quickly realised that there was simply not enough chocolate in them. So she doubled the amount.
Which was the RIGHT THING TO DO.
Makes about 20 (didn’t count them all but I’ve eaten about half and there are ten left #maths)
The Usual Suspects

The Usual Suspects

Beat :
9oz butter
2oz caster sugar
4oz light muscovado sugar
until light and fluffy.
Polenta Caesar .. Cookies 105
Stir in ingredients below.
7oz self-raising flour
8oz porridge Oates
8oz plain chocolate
6oz white chocolate
Polenta Caesar .. Cookies 110
Polenta Caesar .. Cookies 111
Shape into 20 rough balls and space out onto a baking sheets,  bake at 180C/350F gas 4 for 15-20 minutes
Polenta Caesar .. Cookies 114
Leave to cool (the cookies will seem fairly soft when they come out of the oven but they harden up as they cool).

My type of chocolate chunk. i.e BIG.

My type of chocolate chunk. i.e BIG.

Polenta Caesar .. Cookies 124 Polenta Caesar .. Cookies 125
Enjoy Cookie Monsters! xx

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