If, like me, you’re routinely pretty shocked with some of the seemingly arbitrary but incredibly high prices of certain food items in Belgian supermarkets, you need to get to the abattoirs market at Delacroix. Quick step!

oct 064

I still can’t quite believe that Del Haize actually sell any of their 300g 10 euro berry mixes. Seriously guys, wtf.

Anyway, in my quest not to spend most of my salary on groceries I’ve branched out to the local markets which thus far, I’ve been too lazy to make the effort to go to on a Sunday morning. They really are worth it though.

So far, I’ve been to Flagey which is fairly expensive catering, as it does, for the Ixelles eurobrats. Midi market is cheap as chips (and has an amazing flatbread+ mint tea stand) but requires you to go to GARE DU MIDI where cut throat market goers and the smell of stale widdle can sometimes be a smidge off putting.

I’ve been to Abattoir market a few times now and whilst it’s no yuppie Flagey market (which is admittedly lovely to stroll around and goggle the foodie goodies) and there’s still a fair amount of elbow sharpening required, I much prefer it to Gare du Midi.

October 2013 334

It feels a lot more orderly and the beautiful listed building the stalls surround is much easier on the eye.

There is a fantastic selection of meat (as you might expect), fish, fruit and veg and any household product you could ever dream of (including the kitchen sink!). And the prices! Holy mother, the prices!

oct 046

oct 080 oct 075 oct 072 oct 069 oct 049

Whats more, Abattoir market is also open from 0700-1400 on Friday and Saturday.

Last Sunday I managed to get: 2 pomegranates, a celeriac, 4 avocados, a butternut squash, 8 clementines, 4 limes, 3 lemons, 5 baby aubergines, 3 beef tomatoes, 3 small peppers and two beautiful persimmons. All for ELEVEN euros. Eleven!

October 2013 336

november 222 188 november 222 200 October 2013 346

Yes, you can even buy baby rabbits for 7 euros. I wasn't allowed :(

Yes, you can even buy baby rabbits for 7 euros. I wasn’t allowed 😦

Because I am quite a sad sod, I went to my local del haize (I did actually need to buy sth there, I’m not a complete loser) to check out how much these items would have cost if I’d bought them there. I could find everything but a butternut squash so I guessed around €1.80. My calculations brought the total to €23.20, more than double what I spent in Abattoir.

If you’re thinking ‘ten euros isn’t thaaaat much’ consider saving that ten euros every week for a whole year. €500+ euros. That’s a week’s holiday! So, until the weather becomes completely unbearable I’m going to make an effort to go every week. Look after the pennies…. etc. etc.

The Abattoir Market also hosts an afterwork party on the Thursday and there are big plans for the future of the site. Just this week, construction began on a new food hall, the roof of which will serve as an ‘urban farm’. Can’t wait to see the results!

More info here: http://www.abatan.be/en/markets

One of the two bull statues at the gates to the market

One of the two bull statues at the gates to the market

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