An ex-pat eating out (and in when the pennies pinch) in Brussels.

I moved to Brussels from Ireland (via Newcastle Upon Tyne, Toulouse and Paris along the way-a classic route) over three years ago and whilst I can’t honestly say that Brussels had me immediately swooning, this place has grown on me (in a good way) and anyone who dismisses it as ‘boring’ can’t have seen the same city as me. It is an undeniably quirky town with some incredible restaurants dotted around the place. More Michelin stars in fact than the city of lurrve – take that Pareeee! It has an overwhelming range of fantastic quality eateries, bars and cafes which cater to every wallet size.

When I’m not spending all of my wages in said establishments, I’m cooking in! Trying to be healthy most of the time and succeeding half the time.

I hope you enjoy this blog and some of the recipes! xx

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