If Brussels does something well, it’s brunch. Acceptably eating five or more different dishes as the first meal of the day occasionally with a glass of bubbles (euphemism for Definitely Not Champagne) can only be a good thing and Brussels has accomplished this breakfast for lazy people with aplomb.

One of my favourite places to have it is Cafe de la Presse, on Avenue Louise (near the Bois de la Cambre end it, you’ll pass it on the tram).


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Hello the Interwebz!

After a lovely summer munching around Portugal, Ireland and Brussels (of course) my bank balance is very firmly in the red. To counter the euros spent on the many¬†many¬†pasteis de nata consumed in Lisbon and the (not quite so many) oysters in Ireland, I’ve had a ‘no eating out during September’ month. Sounds grim and felt even grimmer when the urge to eat out and drink a few blanches is certainly heightened in Brussels when the new ‘term’ starts back in. Given that my boyfriend and I had also decided to Continue reading

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